No matter where you are in the world, nearly every person has a mobile phone. One of the most popular is the iPhone. Sit in a coffee shop, or anywhere for that matter, for a few minutes and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will see at least one iPhone. Watch longer, and someone will eventually drop one. When they do, chances are high that the screen will crack and need to be replaced. The question is how do you replace the screen?

If your iPhone’s screen cracks, chips, scratches or breaks there are four things you can do to:

Keep using it

Some people that have a slightly damaged screen find that their iPhone is still perfectly functional and will continue to use it. If your screen is slightly scratched but the phone’s still working then, why not continue using it? Better yet, if the scratch comes with a funny story, it could be a great icebreaker.

DIY replacement

An option for those who love to take things apart, or whose iPhone is off warranty, is the DIY screen replacement. You can order screens and related screwdrivers (needed for disassembly) online for around $100 and $15 respectively.

Be aware that this is an advanced method that should only be undertaken if your iPhone is past warranty and you’re comfortable working with small parts. For a full step-by-step guide on the process, please refer to cnet. Be warned that you attempt this process at your own risk, and we can’t be held responsible for any damage to your iPhone.

Send it back to Apple

If your iPhone is still under warranty please don’t attempt to replace the screen yourself, as you will void any and all associated warranties. You should just send it back to Apple or to an Apple service center to fix. If there’s an Apple store with a Genius bar in your area you can make an appointment and take it there.

Buy a new one

If you’d rather not do any of this, you can also wait for a new iPhone to be released and buy a new one. If you purchased your phone through your mobile provider, you may be eligible for an upgrade when the new iPhone comes out, so be sure to contact them and ask.

To minimize potential damage to your iPhone, we recommend purchasing a screen protector – a thin film that covers the iPhone’s screen and protects it from scratches. You could also buy a case for the iPhone, preferably one that sticks up over the screen a tiny bit. This way if you drop the phone screen down the case will hit first. If you have any questions about the screen replacement process please contact us.