What does that mean to YOU?

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will retire it’s most successful Operating System (OS) – Microsoft Windows XP. First released on August 24, 2001 it has been the work horse of many a company’s computing platform. Due to the extended time between XP and Windows Vista’s release it became one of Microsoft’s most reliable operating system in no small part due to application vendors and software developers having time to learn the ins and outs of the system.  But a last all good things must come to an end. In Internet time it’s well over 100.

So what are the potential implications to you and your business? Let’s break down some of the issues.

  1. Security – Microsoft will no longer release security updates as of April 8, 2014. This means your PC will be more vulnerable to harmful malware such as viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Ant-virus software will also not be able to fully protect you once XP is unsupported.
  2. Software Issues – No more updates. Since Microsoft will no longer being releasing fixes and updates many software and hardware vendors will no longer support their products that are running on Windows XP. You can also count on new hardware not having XP drivers available or supported.
  3. No Support – nowhere to turn, no one to call at Microsoft. Online and phone based technical support will no longer be available from Microsoft.
  4. Down time – The risk of system failure and business disruption could increase because of the end of Microsoft support, lack of application support, and the increasing age of hardware running Windows XP.

The bottom line is pass April 8th you DO NOT want to have a machine running Windows XP. Don’t you think there are a ton of bad guys out there waiting for April 8th to release their malware for XP knowing Microsoft won’t lift a finger to fix it? Time to move on.